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i really hope shes not playing games…

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The Internet is going crazy of this event where mass nudes of celebrities were apparently hacked from iCloud. There’s a lot unsaid about this event.

Firstly, it shows character. You get people saying they are fake though distinguishing clothing and marks can be matched, some are shielded behind…



this is who i strive to be in life

For psychotic villains they’re pretty decent role models

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I love everyone in oitnb so much..

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so i met my soul mate tonight

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I didn’t wanna do my geo hw so I stitched this cracker to the arm of the couch

The only logical thing to do.


Dear Santa for Christmas I want a blow job. Not like…from you but like from…well I mean you could if you had time I wouldn’t complain I suppo-it’s just you’re so busy and a blow job takes a lot of tttime just never,ind forget it idk

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